Clive Davis: Billboard Power 100 Issue “Record Breaker”

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To know Clive Davis is to love him. And most of America’s top selling artists have worked very closely with him, including the late Whitney HoustonJennifer HudsonBritney SpearsTony BennettAlicia Keys, Usher and many more!

The legendary music man was celebrated this week at an event at L.A. hot spot The Redbury, where Billboard revealed their 2013 Power 100 List at an exclusive event, presented by Citi®, with leading music industry professionals.

The evening culminated with Clive Davis being honored with the Billboard Musical Visionary Award for his A&R work. The award will be renamed to Billboard’s Clive Davis Musical Visionary Award for future recipients.

This weekend, at the annual GRAMMY Awards, Clive will hold his annual party and will honor the life of Whitney Houston. After the jump, the Power 100 list and video of Clive and R&B artist Miguel talking about about Whitney.

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Power 100

1.       Lucian Grainge

2.       Coran Capshaw

3.       Martin Bandier

4.       Michael Rapino

5.       Doug Morris

6.       Len Blavatnik

7.       Rob Light

8.       Tim Leiweke

9.       Marc Geiger

10.    Jimmy Iovine

11.    Eddy Cue/Robery Kondrk

12.    Bob Pittman

13.    Frank Cooper

14.    Stephen Cooper

15.    Rob Stringer

16.    Randy Phillips

17.    Emmanuel Seuge/Joe Belliotti

18.    Barry Weiss

19.    Julie Greenwald/Craig Kallman

20.    Clive Davis

21.    Arthur Fogel

22.    Peter Edge/Tom Corson

23.    Rio Caraeff

24.    John Hogan

25.    Daniel Ek

26.    Charles Attal/Charlie Jones/Charlie Walker

27.    Dan Mason

28.    Zach Horowitz

29.    Ronal “Slim” Williams/Bryan “Birdman” Williams

30.    Simon Cowll

31.    Lew Dickey

32.    Steve Barnett

33.    Mark Campana/Bob Roux

34.    Joel Katz

35.    Monte and Avery Lipman

36.    Cameron Strang

37.    Chip Hooper

38.    Dr. Luke

39.    Scott Borchettanel

40.    L.A. Reid

41.    John Janick

42.    Scooter Braun

43.    Robert Kynel

44.    Hartwig Masuch

45.    Scoot Sperling

46.    Nathan Hubbard

47.    Steve Bartels

48.    Tom Poleman

49.    Jay Brown

50.    Mike Dungan

51.    John Branca

52.    Tim Westergren

53.    Lia Vollack

54.    Willard Ahdritz

55.    Cliff Burnstein/Peter Mensch

56.    Neil Portnow

57.    Paul Chibe

58.    Troy Carter

59.    Ryan Seacrest

60.    Allen Grubman

61.    Daniel Glass

62.    Robert Greenblatt

63.    Dennis Arfa

64.    Martin Mills

65.    John Sykes

66.    Jennifer Breithaupt

67.    Jan Jeffries

68.    Clint Higham

69.    Guy Oseary

70.    Cortez Bryant/Gee Roberson

71.    Sean Parker

72.    Rich Lehrfield

73.    Raul Alarcon, Jr.

74.    Peter Luuko

75.    Jesus Lopez

76.    Anne Stranchfield

77.    Scott Greenstein

78.    Melissa Lonner

79.    David Israelite

80.    Paul Tollett

81.    Gary Overton

82.    Jon Platt

83.    Bill Carr

84.    Jody Gerson

85.    Paul Rosenberg

86.    John Frankenheimer

87.    Tifanie Van LaarFrever

88.    Molly Peck

89.    Max Martin

90.    Jeff Toig

91.    Pasquale Rotella

92.    Melissa Ormond

93.    Debra Lee

94.    Anya Grundman

95.    Afo Verde

96.    Aaron Rosenberg

97.    Brian O’Connell

98.    Jose Valle

99.    Chris Tsakalakis

100.Roland Swenson

Micah Jesse is the founder of Micah Jesse Media, LLC. He is an entertainment and pop culture blogger, host and producer, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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