Jessica Sanchez: “Turn The Beat Around” On American Idol! — VIDEO

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PHOTO: Jessica Sanchez singing "Turn The Beat Around" on American Idol

The theme of Wednesday night’s “American Idol” show was songs from the year the contestant’s were born…

If you read Micah Jesse regularly — you’re no stranger to 16-year-old San Diego native Jessica Sanchez — who sang Gloria Estefan‘s “Turn The Beat Around” on last night’s show.

Although the judges didn’t give her a standing ovation like they did the last two weeks, they still said it was a good performance…and they LOVED her FANCY PANTS! (Which happens to be one of this season’s hottest trends!)

While it may not have been Jessica’s “strongest” performance, according to judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, it’s clear Jessica is still a fan favorite and some are saying she is the clear winner of the competition, and it’s only the Top 12!

Tune into “American Idol” tonight to see if Jessica makes it to the next round!

Watch Jessica Sanchez sing “Turn The Beat Around” on last night’s “American Idol!” below:

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