Jordin Sparks on Dating, Drag Con & Dream Collaboration

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Eyebrows on fleek!

As “American Idol” nears its end, one of it’s biggest stars, Jordin Sparks, is hotter than ever with her new album “Right Here, Right Now” and music video, “Double Tap. Watch it now below:

About “Double Tap”:

The producer came in and said I want to play you a few songs. I heard a few songs that he thought I might be interested in for the album, and as  soon as “Double Tap” came on, I was like “I have to record that!” The beat caught my attention and then I heard the lyrics. It is so relevant to right now. Everyone is Insta-famous.

We recorded it within an hour – and then the next day – we wanted to figure out who we could feature on it and 2 Chainz was the only person I could think of that would be crazy enough to do it!

About Sage The Gemini:

I wanted to work with people that I am a fan of and I’m a fan of Sage The Gemini. This was before our cutesy photos came out on Instagram. It turns out, we are fans of each other. We help each other because he is also a producer. It’s healthy and honest. I’m so happy.

About Other Collaborations:

I would love to do something in the vein of “The Boy Is Mine,” but not literally. I like the idea of it being about girl empowerment. That’s why I love the song “Bang Bang” so much – because it’s all about girl power!

Olivia Newton John, RuPaul, and Jordin Sparks

Olivia Newton John, RuPaul, and Jordin Sparks

About RuPaul’s Drag Race:

I had so much fun! I had been a huge fan of the show for a while. We finally reached out, the timing was perfect, that I could be there as a judge. I went all out: I got to wear a gown, I had the big hair, the make up, I wanted to have it all. The girls were just as beautiful in person as they are on TV! To be in Ru’s presence is incredible because she has always been unapologetically herself. It’s such a great thing to show people that being yourself is enough!

I’m actually going to be a part of RuPaul’s Drag Con – the first in Herstory – May 16-17 at the L.A. Convention Center. You can buy tickets here:

Jordin, who is currently promoting her longstanding partnership with Excedrin, answered some #AskJordin fan questions via Twitter:

@MicahJesse Can anybody else in her family sing? #AskJordin- YES!

@MicahJesse Is she so excited to see her favorite fans on June 6th?

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