Micah Makes Moves: Taking Tulsa

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For nearly three years, I have had the honor of working for American fashion icon Betsey Johnson, as her in-store appearance emcee (or, “party guy” as she calls me). Together, we’ve toured the USA: Sarasota, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, the list goes on… Who knows where we’ll stop next?

This past weekend, we visited the charming city of Tulsa, OK, where you could practically hear birds chirping from inside the airport. So quiet compared to my rowdy bi-coastal life in Los Angeles and New York City.


Taking it all in, I jumped in the car and headed to The Mayo Hotel, probably the most beautiful hotel in Tulsa. (Their standard rooms are suites!) We only stayed one night, but I made sure to indulge in the rooftop brunch (…for only $20! SCORE.)

Then, it was showtime! I got showered, dressed, and headed to Dillard’s Woodland Hills, where there were about 30 “Betsey Babes” already in the VIP line waiting to meet Betsey. There were about 300 or so people in total at one point!

Take a look at some of my favorite shots from the meet-n-greet below:

Photos: Frank Wong

Shout out to the team at Dillard’s who really “rolled out the pink carpet” for us!

Micah Jesse is the founder of Micah Jesse Media, LLC. He is an entertainment and pop culture blogger, host and producer, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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