BREAKING! Micah Jesse: Chevrolet’s “Entertainment Cruze-arati”

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If you’ve been following MJ on Twitter, you will have noticed he’s been Tweetin’ up a storm about a certain #SecretProject…

Well the secret is out!

Micah Jesse is thrilled to publicly announce that he is being sponsored by Chevrolet as their “Entertainment Cruze-arati!”

But… what does that mean?

Well, for the next five months, MJ will be Tweetin’, Facebookin’ and Bloggin’ about his awesome adventures in his brand new Chevy Cruze! In his new car, MJ will be hittin’ up star-studded soirees in style, and he’ll be asking for YOUR help — deciding who to interview, what questions to ask and maybe helping decide what he wears!


Follow MJ and his other Cruze-arati on their escapades around the country… @Cruzearati (on Twitter) and check us out on!

See you on the road! BEEP BEEP!!!!!!

Cruze-arati Engaged By Chevrolet

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Micah Jesse is the founder of Micah Jesse Media, LLC. He is an entertainment and pop culture blogger, host and producer, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

  • reyalfashion

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  • reyalfashion

    @MicahJesse totally adorbs

  • mama dukes

    Can’t wait until you BRING IT ON to the ATL ……….. wooooooooooooohooooooooooo

  • elshane

    pick me up baby!

  • Becky

    Amazing, Micah! Cruze your way down South – we miss you!

  • pierremichelny

    RT @MicahJesse: In case you didn’t hear…

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    @MicahJesse CONGRTS MJ!!! sO aweSome!!! RT In case you didn’t hear…

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    RT @MicahJesse: I LOVE YOU SAMMI BABY!!!!!! XOXOXOX RT @MTVsammi: BREAKING! @MicahJesse: Chevrolet’s “Entertainment @Cruzearati” – http: …

  • A.C.

    this was very well done….your so cute and so is “Sylvia” Drive carefully….We love u

  • indashio

    RT @MicahJesse: DID YOU HEAR??? I am Chevrolet’s “Entertainment @Cruzearati” – find out more here:… #Cruzearati

  • AmericanExpress

    @MicahJesse So proud of you! RT @MicahJesse I am Chevrolet’s “Entertainment @Cruzearati” – find out more here: