EXCLUSIVE – Sammi “Sweetheart” & Deena Cortese Film Commercial In Seaside Heights!

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“The Jersey Shore” kids are back in America, y’all!

Whether that makes you cringe or giddy with joy, Micah Jesse can exclusively confirm that “Jersey Shore” stars Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola and BFF Deena Nicole Cortese are already getting to work. “Sammi and Deena were allowed out by MTV,” our source tells us, to film a product endorsement yesterday (June 24) for Stacker II’s 6-Hour Power Energy Shot in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

“It was a closed set,” a source close to the cast tells MJ exclusively. As far as the general public is supposed to know, “they’re not ‘back’ yet…they’re [still] under lock and key… They still have no phones or computers.”

No phones? Or computers? We would go crazy!

“Those two were so funny — and running on adrenaline — after literally landed less than 10 hours earlier from Italy. They didn’t even get a chance to speak to their families.” our source told MJ.

Well, you know what they say, “hard work pays off,” and we’re hearing this was a very lucrative deal for the MTV reality star gal pals. (Which is why MTV let them off the hook!)

Calls to teams who work closely with the reality stars, including Talent Resources and Sammi’s management, were not immediately returned.

The 30-second commercial is slated to air on MTV on August 4th during the season four premiere of  “Jersey Shore.” Will you be watching?

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  • Stacey

    Hey Micah!!
    I will DEFINATELY be watching. LOVE Sammi!!! So glad they are all back safe. Sounds like season 4 is going to be great. I think MTV is taking things WAY too seriously. I mean no phones or computers, I might be able to understand, but no contact with others is seriously taking things way to far. They have all given up 6 weeks of their time overseas and they can’t even talk to family. That’s crazy!! Be interesting to see what Season 5 brings. Looks like Ronnie/Sammi were rather cozy in Season 4, however the pictures of them leaving the house in Italy showed Sammi leaving the house and Ronnie leaving, but there were none of them together. Maybe another argument….OR maybe they didn’t want to leak pictures of them together to make you wonder, which of course is more of an incentive to watch………hmmmmmmm. I hate suspense….it kills me. Hope things work out with those two. Looking forward to the commerical………Micah, you’re the greatest. :)