Sammi Sweetheart: ‘Dangerous’ In The Gym With My G-T-L Workout!

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Full disclosure: Micah Jesse and “Jersey Shore’s” Sammi “Sweetheart” are pals. But — but! — he’s never asked her the tough questions that everyone has been wondering about, like… is she or isn’t she with Ronnie? And are they really filming their next season in Italy? And what are her workout secrets to getting such a hot freakin’ bod?!

So… in the latest entertaining episode of “Talk Cruze,” Sammi “Sweetheart” is going to put MJ to the test at the gym. To help create a “Jersey Shore” inspired workout and to oversee our session, we enlisted personal trainer Christine Simmons from Crunch Gym.

Of course we had to “werk” the G, T, and L… glutes, tricepts (medicine ball fist-pump!) and legs.

It’s a tush-spankin’ good time, so let’s not waste any mo… Welcome to “Talk Cruze!!!”

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