Aubrey O’Day & Debbie Gibson Kiss And Make Up After “Ignorant” Twitter Feud!

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Simon Russell/WireImage for Crystal Light

Aubrey O’Day and Debbie Gibson had a little Twitter feud yesterday… but as the evening rolled around, the two “Celebrity Apprentice” stars kissed and made up like professionals, at last night’s Crystal Light Mocktails launch party at NYC’s Trump SoHo hotel.

Here’s how it all played out:

Aubrey: Ha just read @DebbieGibson callin me ‘ignorant’ & D w/’evil devil’. I’m going 2 accept those comments w nothing but love & respect 4 both!

Debbie: @AubreyODay That just means when u were making those comments early on u didn’t know me or my career. I stood up 4 U all day lovingly! … Ignorant simply means someone is uninformed. @AubreyODay n I were both ignorant in terms of knowing each other personally or professionally

Debbie added: Quotes taken out of context kill me… @AubreyODay knows how I feel. Ask @deesnider what I said about her all day :-)

…then, hours later, the girls came face to face on the red carpet. When they first saw each other it was all hugs and kisses and then a few minutes later, Aubrey called Debbie out for calling her ignorant and Debbie was quick to apologize and tell her it was out of context. But the two bickered for a moment before they settled it. They kissed and made up in front of photographers and journalists before Tweeting sweetly to each other back and forth:

Aubrey: Me and @DebbieGibson at @crystallight!  We got over our ‘ignorant’ feud!  Lol.

Debbie: My my my! My therapist calls me ignorant at least twice a week! @AubreyODay called me worse on the show but we r laughing over it all now!

Never a dull moment when it comes to reality television stars! But it’s always nice to see people kiss and make up, even if it is over something “ignorant.” LOL!

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