New Year, New Blog!

I'm so excited to finally release an update to my blog. Every few years I give my site a face-lift and it feels brand new again.

What began as a hobby while studying at Hofstra University, blogging quickly became my full-time gig after graduating. I was covering all things celebrity, but from a positive perspective, unlike other bloggers in the field. I used skills I learned in my Public Relations classes to generate buzz.

While I was studying PR, I yearned to master broadcast. My first major on-camera hosting gig was a national brand campaign for Chevrolet where I was selected from over 1,000 applicants as their "Entertainment Cruze-arati" doing celebrity interviews in the Chevrolet Cruze.

Since then, I've appeared on dozens of my favorite talk shows, written articles for worldwide news outlets, and hosted events all over the country. Sometime I pinch myself when I think about all of it.

Looking back on 2016, I can't believe how much I accomplished. Most of my accomplishments were personal and had to do with moving cross-country back to New York and getting engaged, but I also had some great successes with my clients.

Photo credit: Troy Huynh & Vivian Chau

I'm so excited for what 2017 has in store... I'm getting married!! Together with my fiancΓ©, we are planning our dream wedding. I'll be sharing everything right here and using #FromBubsToHubs :) 

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you like, love, don't like, don't love (lol)