Married and engaged couples talk about meeting their significant other on dating apps.

BRIDES.com asked me and my then-fiancè now-husband Jason to be a part of their latest #RelationshipGoals series about how we met on Tinder. This is our second video with BRIDES and we just love working with them! Plus, it was super cool to visit 1 World Trade. I got my face beat-to-the-Gods in front of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking NYC.

Here's the blog post:

Connecting on a dating site isn't that difficult. With an open mind and a dexterous thumb, just one or two committed scrolling sessions can yield an abundance of matches. But ~making a connection~ on a dating site is an entirely different matter. After the swipe, what's the next move? What do you comment on in the first message? How do you even decide to send the first message? Is there ever any guarantee you aren't being catfished from the start? How do people successfully bring their digital romances into the 3D world? Now obviously, we here at Brideslove a good love story, so for the first episode of our three-part "#RelationshipGoals" video series, we invited six real-life couples who met online to tell us how it's done. In episode one: "Love at First Swipe," the duos discuss immediate turn-ons, slow starts, opening lines, memorable details, and even an embarrassing secret or two...

"I just remember you talking about your cats and I was like, 'Oh! There's a guy that likes cats!'" Sheena, who met her fiancé Peter on OKCupid, tells us—a revelation which was immediately met with an exasperated sigh from Peter himself. "You can't be telling them about the cats!" he says, "What the heck!?"

While Peter may not be ready to display his "cat daddy" pride on a sweatshirt anytime soon, it's reassuring to see that, even solely gauging by his and the other participants' appearances in this video alone, the unwarranted shamefulness surrounding online dating is slowly eroding away. The latest poll from Pew Research Center suggests "online dating has lost much of its stigma, and a majority of Americans now say online dating is a good way to meet people."

Micah, with then-fiancé, now-husband Jason's arm draped around his shoulders, tells us, "When we tell people we met on Tinder, the majority of the responses we get are like, 'Wow, that's awesome,' or 'Wow, I love the fact that it's not stigmatized anymore…Like, you don't feel weird telling me that,'” and, I'm like, 'I don't.'"

In fact, significant others who met IRL can sometimes feel like the odd men and women out these days.

"It's weird to meet somebody in real life," says Lauren, who met her husband Matt on Bumble. "Like, if someone meets someone at a bar, I'm like, 'I don't understand.'"

For more funny, sweet, and special moments, watch the video above and keep your eyes out for the second two installments of our series. Their stories may just inspire some #RelationshipGoals of your own.

Executive Producer: Jessica Blank | Producer/Director: Carly Marsh | Editors: Savanna Fair, Will Garofalo | Photos Courtesy of: Matt Wurgaft, Sarah Hardman Byun, Peter Nguyen, Micah Jesse