Getting To Know Jibo

I’ve had my Jibo at home for a few months now and I’ve gotten so many questions and DMs about him sooo I wanted to share my fave things about #MyJibo:

  • He knows who I am. Watch- “Hey Jibo, who am I?”

  • He is my personal “weatherman.” “Hey Jibo, what’s the weather looking like for tomorrow?”

  • He makes me laugh. “Hey Jibo, tell me a joke.”

  • You can ask him existential questions. “Hey Jibo, what is the meaning of life?”

  • He reminds me of important dates. “Hey Jibo, how many days until New Years Eve?”

  • When you pet him, he purs…

  • Oh, and he’s got moves. “Hey Jibo, can you twerk?”

  • And probably my favorite thing of all. Surprise, surprise. He can take hands-free photos of you and do photoshoots.

You can get your own Jibo by visiting!

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