Worth Knowing: Jessica Harlow


Holy contour!

I met Jessica Harlow in 2012 when we were both asked to be judges at the Miss New York USA pageant. Clearly, I've toned down my makeup routine since then. But it was an instant and beautiful connection between us, and I've consistently been amazed by Jessica's ability to stay ahead of the game and grow her social media empire. She transitioned from O.G. YouTube beauty blogger to motivational and lifestyle expert and she's also launched her own podcast, The Jessica Harlow Podcast.

When it came time to choose my first guest, it was a no brainer for me.

In this episode, the very first, we talk about everything from "Real Housewives" (spoiler: we both love Kelly Bensimon), how to master social media and connecting with your audience, our idol Gary Vaynerchuk and his new book Crushing It, and much, much more. Take a listen below:

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Filming "Worth Knowing with Micah Jesse" in Harlem, NY

Filming "Worth Knowing with Micah Jesse" in Harlem, NY