“It's hard for brands to get the right exposure. Don't get lost in the shuffle.”

Micah not only champions [your] brand, but embraces [your] brand ethos as his own. One of my favorite things about Micah is that he will only partner with brands that he actually believes in, which makes him a winning partner. He is smart and collaborative, and always helps develop a winning strategy for events, social content, and more. [He] is constantly thinking of ways to infuse the brand in to his personal social content in an organic way, and often goes well above and beyond his contractual asks, simply because he cares and has fun doing his work. If you are looking for a true influencer partnership, Micah is the answer!
— Laura Markofsky, VP at MSLGroup
Micah is not only a great on-camera talent, he is an amazing person to work with! He is always fun while being professional and supportive of the whole team. I can’t wait to work with him some more!
— Lauren Leeds, Executive Producer
Micah displays a rare combination of determined will to succeed with a genuine and caring spirit toward others. On top of this Micah is a pro at his craft. I have seen him work a room and he collects long-term friends with each step. In an industry where people often step on others to move up, Micah channels his Southern manners and never forgets when someone has helped him, no matter how small the favor. He is talented, funny, smart and charming. He is a fabulous and inviting presence from the blogosphere to the red carpet.
— Kathleen Williams, Principal, PopLab Marketing
Micah exhibits an unbridled enthusiasm, personality, drive, and passion for entertainment. He has proven to be an asset to every brand that has been privileged enough to work with him.
— Leya Kaufman, Digital Sales Director, Fashion & Luxury at Hearst



From the Met Gala to Usher's inappropriate selfie, Micah Jesse breaks down what's going viral in a new edition of Social Media Snooping.

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